Spokewise plans and produces visual systems for efficient communications, and special projects that capture community interest and response.

Typically identity and supportive materials include logos, newsletters, annual reports, sign systems, brochures and web sites. Often we are called upon for one-of-a-kind projects—books, exhibits, and historical timelines for example—or for consultation on finding a distinctive and compelling marketing mix.

We are small, but think big for just a few select clients at a time. They have educated us as much as our degrees, and we value their successes as our own. We share some of them with you in our featured portfolio. For twenty plus years there has been one consistent theme in all the work we do—a passion for design that inspires, informs, and invites response.

The measure of our work is its performance (i.e., a calendar that has served as a national model for community outreach, or a logo that is still classic and meaningful after 25 years of use). The reward is in knowing that quality communications bring about positive, lasting, and often unexpected results.

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