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African American Task Group: Identity


The Celebrate! Calendars (spanning 2 editions and 42 months) give a unique voice to the stories of African American breast cancer survivors of Contra Costa County. The Celebrate! Calendar project has become a symbol of the nationally recognized and statistically proven success of Contra Costa County's focused grassroots outreach. The mortality rate of African American women diagnosed with breast cancer has significantly dropped in the wake of the persistent and dedicated efforts of many to reach women who traditionally face barriers that result in later stage diagnosis and poor survival.
  African American Task Group: Inspire


At the heart of each calendar is the natural beauty of the African American breast cancer survivor models whose stories offer hope and encouragement for those fighting the disease. Their expressive responses to crisis inspire others to take charge of their personal health care.
  African American Task Group: Inform  


As a calendar, many pieces of information collectively come together in a useful package for a targeted domestic audience. The Celebrate! Calendar Project has also become a popular exhibit where informing a broader public audience of the project itself promotes needed community support and sponsorship. Exhibit signage informs viewers of the passionate work of a dedicated task group of women, and honors the individuals, agencies and foundations that are behind their efforts.
  African American Task Group: Invite  


A weaving of calendar days invites women to make a personal connection between one woman's story and their own. Dates, holidays, notes, appointments, health reminders, and a local resource directory are conveniently packaged to encourage women to take an active role in their health maintenance, expanding the effectiveness of educational outreach.

Produced by the African American Task Group, Contra Costa Breast Cancer Partnership
Photography by Gwen Rodgers Photography
Printing by Richmond Printing
Make-up by Make-up by Lisa
Personal story word processing by Kay Adams
Personal story editor by Eva Clark
Personal story format by Barbara McClain
Poetry by Wanna Williams Wright
Proofreading by Susie Elkind


African American Task Group
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